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Dayspring Cancer Clinic

Dayspring is an alternative cancer treatment center located near Phoenix in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unlike conventional treatment hospitals limited to mostly chemotherapy and radiation, we have the freedom, capability, and the drive to understand and implement some of the latest academic findings with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for you and your cancer. We utilize cutting-edge, non-toxic alternative cancer treatments, backed by scientific evidence and the personal experience of many patients.

Cancer, first and foremost, is a failure of the immune system to identify errant cells and dispose of them. You want to “kill” the cancer. You also want to understand why the immune system failed, address the underlying weaknesses, and employ treatment strategies that will strengthen the immune system and significantly decrease your chances of a recurrence. Many of our patients tell us that after their course of therapy, they feel better than they did before the onset of their cancer.At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we take a metabolic approach to achieve that. Unlike conventional therapies, metabolic treatments attack cancer cells regardless of the cancer type. Your body is unique, and our approach to your treatment is uniquely personal. Some people will respond better than others to some types of treatment, so we have a wide variety of non-toxic alternative cancer therapy options at your disposal.

It is a doctor’s ethical duty to first do no harm. Experience has taught us that the toxic approach of chemotherapy and radiation developed some 60 years ago is a very successful business model—it makes a lot of money for those involved—but it inflicts much bodily harm on the patient. Safe and effective cancer therapy looks to first rid the body of cancer, and second, looks to the future and proactively reduces the chances of recurrences and metastases. Our goal is for you to live a long and healthy life.

Some people leave the United States to receive non-toxic, naturopathic treatments. That is not necessary—we have many of the alternative cancer treatment options you are looking for. We work with you to arrange housing, meals, translators, special blood tests, and other needs you may have while you stay in the Scottsdale-Phoenix Arizona area.

Call us at 480-699-7400 and a staff member will promptly answer your initial questions.

Welcome to enlightened cancer care!

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