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Dayspring Cancer Clinic

Dayspring is an alternative cancer treatment center located in Scottsdale Arizona. Unlike conventional treatment hospitals limited to a few and often ineffective cancer treatment methods, we have the freedom, capability and the drive to understand and implement some of the latest academic findings with the goal of getting the best possible outcome for cancer patients. As a result, we utilize highly promising, yet not so well-known cutting-edge alternative cancer treatments, built on top of selected and well known alternative therapies. Visit our Evaluations and Modalities page to meet the doctor and view some of his methods.

Metabolic cancer treatment has become one of the hottest academic research area in the recent years. This is because unlike conventional therapies, metabolic treatments attack cancer cells regardless of the cancer type. Dayspring specializes in offering metabolic cancer treatments such as a ketogenic diet, oxygenation therapies, and the rather unique 3-bromopyruvate (3-BP) metabolic treatment. Based on our experience, academic knowledge and published case reports, 3BP is the most effective alternative cancer treatment available today. At our cancer treatment center, we specifically formulated 3BP for each patient, depending on his condition. Dayspring’s administration of 3bp is authorized through an IRB by ANRI/NORI. We think it is fair to mention that 3BP has been involved in some negative press coverage during the year 2016 (1) . While these events were tragic, it is not yet clear yet if they were triggered by a misuse of 3BP or by any other reasons. What is clear for us is that in our experience, 3BP is one of the safest cancer treatment when used correctly. That is in stark contrast with chemotherapy which in some hospitals may kill 50% of the patients (2). We therefore stand with the effectiveness and safety of 3bp while coupling it with our other treatments.

Because 3bp can directly kill cancer cells, the combination with immune boosting cancer treatments enhances its performance. This is why; besides our metabolic treatments, one focus is on immune boosting cancer treatment. If the immune system is functioning correctly, the body’s own defense mechanism is brought to bear against the cancer. There are a number of natural cancer treatment ways of doing this without risking the danger and expense of patented medicines.

Dayspring also looks to find the cause of why the cancer has appeared rather than merely treating symptoms. Is it a low thyroid not picked up by a blood test, complex dental issues, emotional blockages, heavy metals, or scars that perhaps are driving the cancer process? When the cause is located and addressed then the treatment becomes so much more effective.