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Events in Germany

In 2016, an unlicensed practitioner in Germany without any medical training (yes, that is legal) had the misfortune of presumably causing the death of three patients with 3-bromopyruvate (3bp). While the definitive facts of the case are unknown, it is a great tragedy for the families of these individuals. That 3bp was involved at least indirectly, if not the actual cause, has caused consternation about the use of 3bp in the treatment of cancer.

But let us step back for a moment. Undoubtedly any time there is an unforeseen death there is grief and pain to the family, friends and acquaintances. However, let us look at some chemotherapy headlines in the UK from August 2016 such as:

“Chemotherapy warning as hundreds die from cancer-fighting drugs”

“Patients should be warned about the dangers of chemotherapy after research showed that cancer drugs are killing up to 50 per cent of patients in some hospitals.” “Chemotherapy is toxic for the body because it does not discriminate between healthy and cancerous cells.”
View Article in The Telegraph: “Chemotherapy warning as hundreds die from cancer-fighting drugs

So chemotherapy was involved in the death of 50% of treated patients in some UK hospitals. Where was the outrage? Fifty per cent deaths! One would think that possible murder charges should be brought up against those involved. But no, this is conventional medicine and therefore the deaths are excusable. I have been in lectures where the lecturer (a MD) has mentioned multiple times that a cancer drug that extends life 3-4 weeks is a billion dollar drug. If that kind of money is involved then statistics may get in the way of what is happening in the treatment rooms.

Even seemly safe OTC drugs such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) has a poor safety record. “Acetaminophen overdose is actually the leading cause for calls to Poison Control Centers across the US—more than 100,000 instances per year—and, each year, is responsible for: More than 56,000 emergency room visits. 2,600 hospitalizations. An estimated 458 deaths due to acute liver failure.
View Article on Mercola website:”FDA Finally Changes Prescription Recommendations for High-Dose Acetaminophen

While 3bp may not be benign, as seen from events in Germany, Dayspring’s goal is to give a safe, effective treatment without harm to the patient. Dayspring uses some simple steps to ensure patient safety. This is of utmost concern to us.