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What is the Dayspring Cancer Clinic like?

The clinic is an out-patient, privately owned clinic. Dayspring maintains a staff of doctors, both medical and naturopathic, nutritionists and various other healthcare workers whose job is to make your stay as comfortable and productive as possible.  Visit our Evaluations and Modalities page to meet the doctor and view some of his methods.

Why do I need to be in a clinic?

The treatment plan is individualized to fit your specific needs. Each program is designed to fit your diagnosis, age, and health condition. With this care, the medical team is able to observe the patient’s health status and can adjust protocols as needed. This is a truly personalized protocol treatment plan.

Where do I stay while at Dayspring?

While at Dayspring patients stay with family, friends or at local motels or hotels which can be suggested by Dayspring.

Can I bring a family member or caregiver?

Yes! We encourage you to bring someone who can support you in your journey. If you are planning to bring someone with you for your visit, please notify us as soon as possible. If you are not able to care for yourself and do not have a caretaker then please let us know so that one can be made available to you.

What happens when I go home?

We have an at-home aftercare program that begins once you return home from the clinic. Dayspring’s staff will be calling you regularly to monitor your progress. Also, you may call us at any time with questions or concerns. We offer a supplement program that is customized specifically for you. The 4 month (16 week) Cancer Treatment supplemental support protocol will be administered at home. The instructions will be given to you before you leave the clinic. You will need to have your primary physician order routine blood work , specialty blood work, PET scans and x-rays as needed. It is important to maintain these tests so that we can monitor your progress. At Dayspring , we believe that recovery is a team effort.

Will I need to come back to the clinic more than once?

In order to properly follow your case and provide the best possible care, it is necessary to see you on a scheduled time frame. Each case is different and this will be discussed with your care team. You will be given a daily maintenance protocol and diet plan to follow

What exactly is ozone?

Ozone is a gas, the blue colored form of oxygen. It’s what makes the sky blue. It’s the fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm. It’s that clean smell of the ocean waves. Technically speaking, oxygen is 02 – it has two oxygen molecules, and ozone is 03 – it has three oxygen atoms. Ozone is “electrophilic,” meaning it is unbalanced electrically and it wants to balance itself by finding another unbalanced charge.

All diseased cells, including cancer cells, viruses, harmful bacteria, and other pathogens are also electrically imbalanced. That imbalance makes ozone and diseased cells find each other – it is case of mutual attraction which gives ozone some remarkable medical properties.

Is ozone foreign to the body?

No, the body actually makes some on its own. The white blood cells make it as part of the immune system response.

Is ozone safe?

Ozone has an unparalleled safety record. The use of pure, medical grade ozone to treat various medical conditions was first developed in Germany in the early 1950’s, particularly by the renowned Josef M. Issels, MD. Ozone has been used to treat cancer, liver disease, autoimmune disease, heart disease, allergies, diabetes, Lyme disease, macular degeneration, viral diseases, rheumatism/arthritis, geriatric conditions, SARS, AIDS, and Ebola virus. Today, medical ozone therapy is common throughout Europe, and its use has gradually been spreading in America. The correct use of medical ozone has almost no side effects.

I hear about ozone being an air pollutant; the news warns us of high ozone days. Is this the same kind of ozone?

In nature, ozone is created in the upper atmosphere when ultraviolet radiation from the sun makes contact with oxygen in the atmosphere. It forms a protective layer that shields us from the more severe forms of the sun’s radiation. That is why many are concerned about the “hole” in the ozone where parts of that protective layer have been destroyed by man-made chemicals.

Ozone at ground level is nature’s attempt to clean up chemical reactions created when pollutants emitted by cars, power plants, industrial boilers, refineries, chemical plants, and other sources react in the presence of sunlight. We can thank Mother Nature for the ozone because is there to destroy (oxidize) toxic chemicals in smog and return the air to a breathable status. Early on it was noted that when smog levels are high, there is also a high level of ozone in the air. When smog levels are low, there is a low level of ozone in the air. But since ozone is so easy to measure, scientists gave up trying to measure smog and instead rely on ozone levels to indicate how much smog is in the air. Because they are measuring ozone levels, the word “ozone” became synonymous with “smog” and people got the idea that ozone is toxic – which it is not when used appropriately.

Ozone is perhaps the most powerful natural oxidant in the world. It destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites, amoeba, mold, fungus, and it also breaks down harmful chemicals and impurities. It is 35 times more powerful than chlorine and yet leaves no harmful chemicals or byproducts behind. Outside of the medical office, ozone is used by hotels to deodorize smelly rooms. Some municipal water systems use it instead of chlorine to purify water and treat industrial wastes. Ozone is used to preserve food and in greenhouses.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications demonstrate the effectiveness of ozone in treating many different diseases including cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disease, chronic pain and acute or chronic infections. There is even evidence that ozone can help slow the aging process. The best part is that ozone has almost no side effects when used correctly.