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London Dentist Has Success at Dayspring Cancer Clinic

This 35 year-old London dentist with stage 4 breast cancer experiences an incredible turn around in 28 days. Two other clinics had treated her without success. Listen to her story.


3BP and Dayspring Cancer Clinic Review


Advanced Prostate Cancer and the Role of Testosterone


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Body, Mind, and Spiritual Healing Testimony

February 13, 2018

Thanks for checking in. I continue to reflect on my experience at Dayspring. It was powerful in many ways: body, mind, emotion and especially spirit. Listening to the Ken Petty seminar CDs was very powerful. It caused me to reflect a lot on my experiences in life with the Catholic Church and how that affected my ideas, attitudes and especially my relationships with God and with Jesus. The 10 days that I spent with Lisa Carper in Colorado were extremely powerful especially the emotional and spiritual impacts. I found her to a genuine healer who is committed to doing God’s and Jesus’ work on this planet. She and I talked sometimes about things that would come up for me as she worked on me. I had a revelation about the two and a half years that we lived in Chicago during which I went to Catholic school. That experience was really negative and led me to lose trust in God who became a vindictive Old Testament god and that attitude stayed with me for the next 55 years. I thought I had worked completely through it, but I hadn’t. There was still some deep-rooted stuff left over. I was overwhelmed while she worked on me by a direct experience of God’s love for me. It became clear I have been guided by God my entire life. It felt like I was being washed clean of all that negative Catholic stuff and I could feel that complete and total unconditional love and forgiveness. I jokingly called it God’s car wash.

Lisa is the real deal. When she first started working on me, different parts of my body got extremely hot. She would perspire she got so hot. I could really feel it too. Gradually, as those areas healed, it became less hot and finally, it felt like cool water washing through those areas she worked on. That was when she knew she was done. I worked with her for 6 days in a row, 2 sessions of 90 minutes per day. She took one day off and then we did another two and a half days of sessions. I feel really good: very strong physically and spiritually. I’m praying, meditating and focusing on feeling God’s love for me. We talked about the two commandments: Love God with your whole being and love your neighbor as yourself. It feels easy to love God, when I can feel God’s love so powerfully. It also grounds me and makes it easy to love myself and because of that to love others. As they say, Better Late than Never. I feel blessed.

I’m going to talk by phone with my friend David Ridge who is a minister about some of these things I have been learning. He has a very open attitude about Jesus and God and the whole subject of organized religion. What you said to me rings very true: it’s not about the organization, the infrastructure or the rules. It’s about LOVE.

Great big hug and thanks again for all that you did for me and that you do for others. You are a good man! Let me know if you need any help with anything.

I hope I communicated that it was very powerful with you too especially the body part of the equation. I really admire the way you have put together the 3BP part of your program and the complementary therapies. Also, you catalyzed a lot of this spiritual stuff that I have been going through. Thanks!

Prostate Cancer

January 2018

Male 66 years old, presents to Dayspring after a prostatectomy for help with an increasing PSA. With the removal of his prostate, he should have a zero PSA marker value as the prostate is gone. Unfortunately, his PSA is now at a 7.0 (less than 4.0 is considered normal having an intact prostate so a 7.0 without a prostate is alarming).

Patient follows an at home treatment plan as he is working as a long-distance truck driver without time for in-clinic treatment. In three months of treatment, a follow-up PSA blood test now shows his PSA at less than 0.1, meaning that there is no measurable amount. Patient reports that his surgeon during a consultation shakes his head and says “I don’t know what you are doing and can’t explain it but it worked”. Patient is very pleased and thankful for how his Dayspring treatment plan has worked for him.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer

December/January 2017/18

Stage 4 colon cancer patient comes to Dayspring and during the first week of treatment has a bowel blockage. He leaves to go back home and Dayspring counseled on how to seek the best surgeon to have an ileostomy performed.

Afterwards, he returns to Dayspring for a month of treatment with 3bp and other IV’s. He has been gaining weight and the anemia numbers are steadily improving. Surgeon has told him that with a clean PET that she will perform a takedown (reversal) of the ileostomy.

Other therapies have been dental work with the removal of a tooth, scar therapy to open meridians, ultrasound treatment, immune boosting supplements, supplements to improve GI function and both botanical and pharmaceutical products to control blood sugar. Upon leaving Dayspring he will go to see a Christian faith healer and take a number of supplements with him.

December 22, 2017

Dear Dr. D,
Other than our main man J.C. – you have become one of my personal saviors – and I mean it – I am deeply grateful for your wisdom, expertise and kindness. The treatments I receive at the clinic give me a quality of life beyond imaging after 25 years of Lyme disease.
Thank you – always – for taking such good care of me.
Happy New Year to the Dickens family. Wishing you God’s blessings & peace.

November 23, 2017

Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you for your part in my wholeness and wellness. It has been over a year and I get increasingly better. Things I hadn’t been able to do I am now doing. It took a while for my body to heal some areas but I was victorious. My friend who had an identical problem, got a regular diagnosis and went conventional and ended up blind, deaf, and paralyzed on the left side of her head. I am so very thankful to be well and whole. Bless you!

August 16, 2017

Thank you (much gratitude from husband and my Pops too) for taking good care of me, Doc. So lucky to have you on my side. I’m confident to live past all of the expiration dates…. I’ve already lived past the other ones given to me, right? I’ll see you again soon and bother you via email/text sooner.

Thanks again for all the good, important, brave work you do.

The “Princess”

January 2017

Unsolicited Text from Retired MD:

Re 3BP: great opportunity to take lemons & make lemonade.
I’d suggest you write up what you told me after the meeting yesterday about 3 BP, unlicensed untrained practitioner, history of 3BP w mechanism of action, comparison w Chemo death rate, what % of oncologists will not personally do treatments they recommend to patients, etc. Put it on the web & put on your website. I see all the publicity as an opportunity. Maybe patients just can’t find you because all the other stuff comes up higher on the search engines now. 3BP is now out there more so more people are looking for you but can’t find you! By the way, I love what I have seen on your website so far!

As I said yesterday, you’ve got probably the best game in town & possibly the US.

December 12, 2016 Unsolicited Letter

“Dr. Dickens I want you to know that I admire you and you are in my prayers and you will continue to be in my prayers. I pray you are allowed to continue and flourish in your practice to help others with this horrible disease of cancer. I am so unbelievably thankful for such an amazing Godly doctor like you. I am still in awe that you have the courage to do what you do every day. You go against the system, you see pain and heartbreak every day, you do what you know is right even when it’s not mainstream, and it’s definitely not easy. Most doctors, even if they have God in their heart, don’t seem to have the courage you have. I know alternative doctors don’t make the millions and billions of dollars like conventional medicine but I believe we will answer to God someday for our decisions and actions. From my short time of knowing you I believe you will hear God say the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

I saw, with my own eyes, your patients getting better and stronger every day in the clinic. I know alternative methods are the answer to cancer and I wholeheartedly believe you are one of the best in this field.”

October 2016 Unsolicited Email

Dear Dr. Dickens,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who works with you at Dayspring. It has been a little over a year since we first met and Ralph presented to your clinic with Stage IV, Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer. While he still has some healing to accomplish, we can’t thank you enough for your think outside the box, NEVER GIVE UP attitude, your ever generous guidance, prayers and kindness. The world would be a far better place if all doctors were like you. We are thankful you came into our lives. We appreciate all you do. We want to tell the world that there is always hope and that your never ending faith guides us to keep pushing on. It has been four years since Ralph was diagnosed stage IV cancer. This past year has been a blessing spending it at Dayspring. Please share our comments! The world should know.

Good News

FINALLY, a healing breakthrough Thank you, Dr. Dickens for your revolutionary, lifesaving holistic medical treatments! For me, mainstream medicine only treated symptoms without finding and addressing the root cause of my affliction. Thank you for getting to the root of my problem and for providing alternative medicine treatments that work!
Thank you!
K. Winters