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Dayspring Cancer clinic has the freedom, capability, and the drive to understand and implement some of the latest academic findings with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for you and your cancer. We utilize cutting-edge, non-toxic alternative cancer treatments, backed by scientific evidence and the personal experience of many patients.

Some of the available treatments:

  • First, Fix the Leak +

    Andrew Dickens NMD | Dayspring Cancer Clinic, 2018-11 When people contact Dayspring for information, they usually ask about therapies and treatments. However, this is not always the most important question. What Read More
  • Intravenous Vitamin C +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Many times people will say, “I won’t do chemo. I’ve seen too many people suffer with it and too many people die from it only Read More
  • 3BP / 3-BP / 3-bromopyruvate +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD The use of the 3BP molecule for cancer was developed at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, by Young Hee Ko, PhD, a brilliant biochemist Read More
  • Neo7 Peptide Therapy +

    The Process: PBIMA Precision-Based Immuno-Molecular Augmentation (PBIMA)[1] and Personalized Edited Sequence (PES) is an approach to simultaneously activate or regulate the patient’s immune system as needed in a highly precise Read More
  • Jane McLelland "How to Starve Cancer" +

    Wow, what a truly great and interesting book by a woman who went against the grain of conventional medicine by using off label drugs and supplements to treat her stage Read More
  • Cannabis and Methadone +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD For thousands of years hemp, a source of cannabis, was a common element in the lives of people around the world. New World colonists and Read More
  • Mistletoe +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Mistletoe is a small evergreen shrub that is semi-parasitic on other plants. Instead of producing roots in the ground, mistletoe sends out root like structures Read More
  • Ketogenic Diet +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Most Americans today are what are called “sugar burners.” They consume a lot of sugar – either directly as sweets (think soda, cookies, candy), or as Read More
  • Oxygen Therapies +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Normal, healthy cells use oxygen to power them through their many tasks. But when oxygen levels get low, cells die or perhaps morph into what Read More
  • Myers' Cocktail, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Curcumin, Enzymes, and Other Nutritional Supports +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Very often, people with cancer are a like a car where the gasoline tank is about empty. The body needs minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and other Read More
  • Hyperthermia +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Over 2,000 years ago, the famous Greek physician Parmenides said, "Give me the power to create fever, and I will cure any disease." This incredible Read More
  • Heavy Metals - Chelation Therapy +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Heavy metals suppress the immune system at a time when the full force and power of the immune system is necessary to seek out and Read More
  • Colloidal Silver / Silver Hydrosol +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Ever wonder why the fork and spoon we eat with is called “silverware”? Because Europeans knew that utensils made of silver would better protect them Read More
  • Blue Scorpion Venom +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Russian émigré Dr. Arthur Mikaelian and his company, Medolife, produce a supplement called Escozine™. It is a homeopathic remedy whose active ingredient is blue scorpion Read More
  • Colonics / Colon Hydrotherapy +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD The practice of using water to cleanse the colon dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The world over, people discovered and adapted the Read More
  • Life Vessel +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Stress doesn’t get enough respect. Although stress is a precursor to cancer and just about every other disease, we all live with stress, consider it Read More
  • Budwig Protocol +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD The Budwig protocol focuses on a root cause of cancer: cells are starved of oxygen. The diet was designed to give them more oxygen. Dr. Read More
  • Wound Healing with Cellsonic +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Sometimes people come to us with surgical or diabetic wounds that have not healed. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we use the CellSonic® VIPP with remarkable Read More
  • Treating Emotions with EVOX +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD How many times have we seen someone receive a cancer diagnosis several years after an emotionally traumatic incident? Too many. How many people told us Read More
  • Electrodermal Screening for Evaluation +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD The average patient with autoimmune disease sees at least six doctors before getting a correct diagnosis.[1] Chronic diseases can be challenging to put a label Read More
  • Chemotherapy, Radiation -- The Conventional Approach +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Here is a reality that those of us who treat cancer know: A cancerous tumor is not particularly dangerous unless it grows big enough to Read More
  • Immunotherapy +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD “Immunotherapy: The Big New Hope for Cancer Treatment” “Immunotherapy is the most exciting development in cancer treatment in years, beginning to take off at a Read More
  • Prayer for Those Interested +

    by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD Healing -Whose Responsibility? The following is a prolegomenon (introductory essay) on healing and whose responsibility it is for healing. Many times we have seen in Read More
  • Rife Technology +

    Royal Rife’s Theory for a Difficulty in Life Not only do we have an explosion of ill health because of dangerous industrialization practices, but the human race is also put Read More
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