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The Dayspring treatment strategy for cancer is based on one of the most comprehensive treatment concepts ever developed which incorporates the best modalities of “both worlds”, mainstream and alternative, customized for your individual needs. Accordingly, we consider the Dayspring Cancer Clinic treatment program to be superior to stand alone conventional medicine. It centers on non-toxic modalities that enable the body to heal itself by normalizing its natural regulatory, repair and defense mechanisms. In this way the body is encouraged to do what it was designed to do and so much more effectively than conventional interventions.

We start with a Dedicated Team

The Dayspring Cancer Clinic offers a total program utilizing various modalities such as chelation, hyperthermia, non-GMO Vitamin C IVs, dietary changes, enzymatic therapy, and immune re-regulations. All without damaging the immune system unlike toxic and immune damaging chemotherapy!

Our proven treatment protocol has been effective in treating cancer and reversing non-responsive chronic degenerative diseases for more than 30 years. Please call the clinic for more information.

Stop feeling helpless to your disease…you still have options!

Visit our Evaluations and Modalities page to meet the doctor and view some of his methods.