We treat cancer without the chemo

Our alternative cancer treatments, backed by scientific evidence, bring life to patients all over the world.


Our purpose is to find and treat the cause of your cancer.

The Challenge

The problem with most conventional hospitals is they will typically recommend chemotherapy for cancer treatment — which only yields a 2% success rate in stage 4 cancers. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we take a metabolic approach to cancer. Unlike conventional therapies, metabolic treatments attack cancer cells regardless of the cancer type. 

Our unique and effective approach aims to find the root cause of the cancer, and to treat that first, allowing the treatment to be more effective. In doing so, you are “fixing the leak” to understand why the immune system failed, address the underlying weaknesses, and employ treatment strategies that will strengthen the immune system and significantly decrease your chances of recurrences and metastases.

More About Us

Our Process


Schedule a Consultation

First, call us to set up a consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens

During your appointment, Dr. Dickens will review your existing scans and labs, evaluate your medical history, recommend next steps, and address any concerns you may have. 

Our direct phone number is: 480-699-7400. Or Send us a Message.


Identify the Cause of Cancer

We call this "Fixing the Leak"

We’ll perform several tests that check for common causes of cancer, including:

  • Infected teeth that affect the associated body meridian
  • Heavy metals
  • Emotions
  • Scars
  • Low thyroid
  • Sympathetic nervous system dominance
  • Toxins

Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Dickens will create a unique therapy plan that will boost your immune system and rid your body of toxins.

Our goal is for you to live a long and healthy life!

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