We Find and Treat The Cause of Your Cancer

The problem with most conventional hospitals is they will typically recommend chemotherapy for cancer treatment — which only yields a 2% success rate. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we take a metabolic approach to cancer. Unlike conventional therapies, metabolic treatments attack cancer cells regardless of the cancer type.

Our unique and effective approach aims to find the root cause of the cancer, and to treat that first, allowing the treatment to be more effective. In doing so, you are “fixing the leak” to understand why the immune system failed, address the underlying weaknesses, and employ treatment strategies that will strengthen the immune system and significantly decrease your chances of recurrences and metastases.

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Many of our patients tell us that after their course of therapy, they feel better than they did before the onset of their cancer.

Patient Success Stories

Hear from our patients exactly how “fixing the leak” allows our naturopathic therapies to have a lasting impact and resolution.

I can’t say enough about this man. , September 4, 2020

When I think about how he cares for his patients, you can’t help but scream that he has qualities that you just don’t find in other healthcare providers, alternative or allopathic. He is a great listener and educator. He goes beyond the one size fits all and sees only an individual. He’s not afraid to pray for his patients daily. He hunts for information and assistance to find solutions. He’s curious and not intimidated to learn from others. He empowers you to understand that YOU are capable and given the gifts to heal…just ask him for his Biblical references, amazing! He is conscientious and always present, body, mind and spirit. I love this man and his gracious gifts. Mostly, he has helped me come to realize that we each must be our own bus drivers. Others can get on board, help to make the ride gracious, peaceful, successful…but we must drive. God winked at me the day I met Dr. Dickens!

CellSonic Therapy , August 14, 2020

Last fall, I had a bug bite at the junction of the sole & 4th & 5th toes. It got infected with redness & swelling about 1/3 of the way up my foot and had an open draining wound of about 1/2 inch between the toes. It was treated with antibiotics & resolved but I always thought because of the location that there might be a problem sometime later. Well last Sunday I felt some minor irritation in that location & when I looked, I had an area between the toes where the skin was breaking down and had clear colored drainage with an odor. I did various things to treat it over the next several days including high potency Allicin orally & topically.

Then on Wednesday, I had a colon implant of probiotics by Vicki B. Friday morning it still had drainage & skin breakdown of maybe a 1/4-inch crevice.

Friday afternoon It was treated with the CellSonic at your office. Today, Saturday, there is no hint of discomfort, drainage, or odor & the wound has some skin covering on it already. I can stop placing the gauze pad between the toes because the drainage is gone & the wound looks nearly healed overnight.

Love it!

Linda W, MD (retired)

Thank you for everything , July 2020

Dr. Dickens, Katia and Colleen

We will like to thank you for everything you guys have done for us, and to make us feel right at home.

It has been a great experience. Thank you again.


Better Treatments Bring Hope , June 2020

Dr. Dickens,

We want to thank you for everything you do for every single one of your patients, your constant search for better treatments open new possibilities and hope for us. Please keep doing what you do, don’t give up on us. You are a great access to humanity. We thank GOD for finding you and we thank you for what you’re doing for our family.

IM and LM

Great Care , June 2020

Thank you, Thank you for the great care you have provided us.

You are loved tremendously!

LZ and DZ

Patient having no BM, Incontinent and not Speaking , March 27, 2020

Jimmy started to speak differently, first unfinished thoughts, jumbled words, and then gibberish. He was frustrated that we couldn’t understand. This started midafternoon and by evening he was barely responding at all. Dayspring loaned us the BioTransducer/BioModulator to take home and set it up on his left parietal lobe for the evening. Then overnight, we set it up about 2 ft away from the top of his head while he slept.

The next morning, he was still unable to move at all and in the wheelchair 100% of the time. His body function still seemed out of his control although when making eye contact, he seemed to hear and understand. When arriving at the clinic on Friday, we immediately set up the BioTransducer on him again. He was nonverbal all morning.

In the early afternoon, he was struggling to use his hands much. Still nonverbal and mostly immobile, I asked if he’d like to draw a picture for our daughter. He’s an amazing artist…and he barely could do a few scribbles.

We again took the BioTransducer and BioModulator home for the weekend, did the same thing as night before, propped up towards his head the whole night.

On Saturday, he seemed more aware. Still not speaking but gained mobility somewhat and seemed alert. Throughout the day, he was speaking more, engaging and able to focus on different things while outside. He started to say some brief phrases.

Overnight, we left the light on him again. On Sunday morning, he woke up speaking clearly, confused about the day, using his hands again, weak but moving on his own. By afternoon, he had his sense of humor back and was walking with help. He ate an actual small meal on his own. We had the light on him whenever he was still throughout the day.

By Monday morning, he seemed to have full recovery! Woke up bright eyed! He was interactive immediately; he was using his own strength to move. He was using the restroom when needed, eating and drinking and walking with just his hand held! AMEN!


Pancreatic Cancer and CellSonic , January 1, 2020

Dear Dr. Dickens,

Please allow me to share the results of the last miraculous session:

  1. No discernible pain
  2. Enormous increase in energy.
  3. I can now perform  push ups & sit ups without pain (2 of each so far).  It has been over 2 years since I was able to perform any such movements.
  4. Able to walk more than 100 feet without a problem.

Will this situation last?   I don’t know but will assume so until proven otherwise.

In short, I will classify this treatment and the evens that followed as a miracle.

All I can possibly say is thank you

Sincerely, CN

Scar Therapy by Injection , November 1, 2019

My experience with the scar treatment is the following day I woke up with massively regained energy that I hadn’t had for a long time. The emotional release I had on the same day was a big release of a sadness I was holding in my body.  This was possible as the energy that was trapped in my scar had been allowed to flow freely again throughout my body.

U. C.

Cancer CellSonic Testimony , October 2019

38 years ago my right foot was crushed by a heavy steel object breaking multiple bones, Surgery included permanent pins, screws and a plate installed in my foot. Since then around half of my foot has been numb for all these years. I’ve had hundreds of acupuncture and foot massage treatments since then but the numbness never went away. Recently I had a treatment performed at Dayspring to stimulate blood flow. The first treatment yielded half my foot to become flush with warmed immediately and within a few hours the half started to tingle then later that day I could feel the nerves come alive. I was so surprised so I did another treatment, this resulted in ¾ of my foot to feel the ground, and feel the bones move. Still shocked by these amazing results I had a third treatment 3 days later which brought all feeling back to my foot within 24 hours. My brain was being re-trained with every step that I had a size 10 foot and not just a heel on the injured foot. I’ve been so impressed with this treatment that I have recommended it to 3 other friends with knee, foot and leg issues.

Looking forward to playing sports this summer with two full feeling feet.


Neo7 Peptide Report of Brain Tumor

Seven Years post therapy, October 2019

“Good news per Dr. .……, tumor is actually smaller than previous years. Will do an MRI at the Cherry Hill Swedish next year where a comparison of previous years will be included.

She said the vaccine you were giving me is still working!

No need for a Cyberknife or Gamma knife radiation! PTL!!”

View Neo7 Peptide Therapy Article

Thank you for making Dayspring a place of peace and healing. , July 30, 2019

First of all, I am very grateful to have you as my doctor. You are so passionate about taking good care of your patients and you just know how to make us smile and feel at home. And I can personally say I came each day to Dayspring for the past 8 weeks as if it was my second home.

Thank you for making Dayspring a place of peace and healing. And thank you for accepting me and my family as your family. It feels like we have known you for years.

Thank you for giving me all that you have and know without holding back anything. Thank you for allowing God to use you to restore me back to health. Now that I am feeling much better in many ways.  I am leaving my second home much healthier and stronger.

May God bless you abundantly according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Philippians 4:19

You Make a Difference! , July 12, 2019

Dear Dr. Dickens,

There are no words to explain how amazing and wonderful you are! Your care and service to D………, our family and friends was more than we could have ever expected!!

D…….. loved you so much and always “played Dr. Dickens” at home with his brother! He wanted to see you so badly and now he can!!!

Thank you for allowing Jesus to shine so bright in your life! Thank you for always trying to find new ways to help D……….! I truly believe he was being healed in his body but just made the decision to stay with Jesus in Heaven. You are God’s hands and feet here on earth! Continue!! You make a difference!

God Bless You!!

SR and LR

Persistant Cough , May 10, 2018

An ENT surgeon’s wife sent her mother to Dayspring Cancer Clinic for treatment. She is a missionary in Zimbabwe who was a constantly coughing at night which the coughing immediately ceased with the appropriate dental work.

Prostate Cancer , December 20, 2018

Male, 79 years old, comes from California with stage 4 prostate cancer.  His MD recommended him to have shock wave therapy due to the pain of  bone metastasis.  Two sessions of CellSonic shock wave therapy were performed and the following email was received the following Thursday:

Good morning Dr. Dickens,

I wanted to give you some feedback on our 2 sessions last weekend. Thank you first of all. The pain I was experiencing is about 99% gone and I have no need for pain meds. I’m in the process of implementing Dr. C’s recommendations.

Metastatic Breast Cancer , 2016

Prostate Cancer, Stage IV , October 2016

Unsolicited Email

Dear Dr. Dickens,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who works with you at Dayspring. It has been a little over a year since we first met and Ralph presented to your clinic with Stage IV, Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer. While he still has some healing to accomplish, we can’t thank you enough for your thinking outside the box, NEVER GIVE UP attitude, your ever generous guidance, prayers and kindness. The world would be a far better place if all doctors were like you. We are thankful you came into our lives. We appreciate all you do. We want to tell the world that there is always hope and that your never-ending faith guides us to keep pushing on. It has been four years since Ralph was diagnosed stage IV cancer. This past year has been a blessing spending it at Dayspring. Please share our comments! The world should know.

Undiagnosed Chronic Illness , September 2016

FINALLY, a healing breakthrough. Thank you, Dr. Dickens for your revolutionary, lifesaving holistic medical treatments! For me, mainstream medicine only treated symptoms without finding and addressing the root cause of my affliction. Thank you for getting to the root of my problem and for providing alternative medicine treatments that work!
Thank you!

Unsolicited text from retired MD who toured the clinic: , January 2017

Re 3BP: great opportunity to take lemons & make lemonade.
I’d suggest you write up what you told me after the meeting yesterday about 3 BP, history of 3BP w mechanism of action, comparison w Chemo death rate, what % of oncologists will not personally do treatments they recommend to patients, etc. 3BP is now out there more so more people are looking for you! By the way, I love what I have seen on your website so far!

As I said yesterday, you’ve got probably the best game in town & possibly the US.

Lyme Disease , December 22, 2017

Dear Dr. Dickens,

Other than our main man J.C. – you have become one of my personal saviors – and I mean it – I am deeply grateful for your wisdom, expertise and kindness. The treatments I receive at the clinic give me a quality of life beyond imaging after 25 years of Lyme disease.
Thank you – always – for taking such good care of me.

Happy New Year to the Dickens family. Wishing you God’s blessings & peace.


Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IV

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to thank you for your part in my wholeness and wellness. It has been over a year and I get increasingly better. Things I hadn’t been able to do I am now doing. It took a while for my body to heal some areas but I was victorious. My friend who had an identical problem, got a regular diagnosis and went conventional and ended up blind, deaf, and paralyzed on the left side of her head. I am so very thankful to be well and whole.

Bless you!

GIST, Stomach Cancer, Stage IV , August 16, 2017

Thank you (much gratitude from husband and my Pops too) for taking good care of me, Doc. So lucky to have you on my side. I’m confident to live past all of the expiration dates…. I’ve already lived past the other ones given to me, right? I’ll see you again soon and bother you via email/text sooner.

Thanks again for all the good, important, brave work you do.

The “Princess”

Colon Cancer, Stage IV , December 12, 2016

Unsolicited Letter

Dr. Dickens,

I want you to know that I admire you and you are in my prayers and you will continue to be in my prayers. I pray you are allowed to continue and flourish in your practice to help others with this horrible disease of cancer. I am so unbelievably thankful for such an amazing Godly doctor like you. I am still in awe that you have the courage to do what you do every day. You go against the system, you see pain and heartbreak every day, you do what you know is right even when it’s not mainstream, and it’s definitely not easy. Most doctors, even if they have God in their heart, don’t seem to have the courage you have. I know alternative doctors don’t make the millions and billions of dollars like conventional medicine but I believe we will answer to God someday for our decisions and actions. From my short time of knowing you I believe you will hear God say the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I saw, with my own eyes, your patients getting better and stronger every day in the clinic. I know alternative methods are the answer to cancer and I wholeheartedly believe you are one of the best in this field.

Our Process


Make an appointment

First, call us to set up a consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD. During your appointment, Dr. Dickens will review your existing scans and labs, evaluate your medical history, recommend next steps, and address any concerns you may have. Our direct phone number is: 480-699-7400


Identify the cause of the cancer and “Fix the Leak”

We’ll perform several tests that check for common causes of cancer, including:

  • Infected teeth that affect the body meridian it is located on
  • Heavy metals
  • Emotions
  • Scars
  • Low thyroid
  • Sympathetic dominance
  • Toxins

Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Dickens will create a unique therapy plan that will boost your immune system and rid your body of toxins. Our goal is for you to live a long and healthy life!:

What Types of Cancer Does Dayspring Cancer Clinic Treat?

We utilize non-toxic, safe, and effective cancer therapy for all types of cancer, including (but not limited to):

  • Breast Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer

What makes Dr. Dickens’ approach different?

Dr. Dickens assesses the core problems first and then recommends therapies that strengthen your immune system. Your body is unique, and our approach to your treatment is uniquely personal. Some people will respond better than others to some types of treatment, so we use a wide variety of non-toxic alternative cancer therapy options.

Here are some of the alternative cancer treatments we offer:

Neo7 Peptide Therapy

A unique approach completely personalized to the patient. Neo7 can activate or regulate your immune system to cumulatively fight disease, and help to improve the quality of your life. Watch the video below to see how one patient has experienced success with Neo7 vaccinations:

3BP / 3-BP / 3-bromopyruvate

We work with a research team to specifically formulate 3BP for each patient, depending on each individual condition. 3BP targets the essential energy production machinery of cancer cells while leaving the same machinery in normal cells preserved. Essentially, destroying cancer cells’ energy.

Life Vessel

Facilitate your body’s ability to relax, de-stress, and balance to enhance self-healing. The Life Vessel uses an infrared light source to facilitate an increase in blood circulation and cellular oxygen. The simultaneous combination of sound, light, and vibration helps address stress to help reduce it.

Ketogenic Diet

Cancer cells feed and grow off of sugar. Eliminating sugars from your diet is a strategy used to starve cancer. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we provide a nutritionist who will create a personalized meal plan for you.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy rids your body of heavy metals. We use a heavy metal urinary challenge test because it gives the best estimate of the body burden. We run a “before” test, using a chelating agent to prompt the release of heavy metals into the urine. Then we run the same test later, after chelation therapy has begun to delete the body burden, to measure the progress…

Prayer for those interested

Anyone facing a cancer diagnosis is likely to have feelings of fear and uncertainty. Your emotional wellbeing can oftentimes play a role in the success of your cancer treatment. This is why Dr. Dickens assesses all aspects of your health and can help you to achieve a positive outlook on your diagnosis, if need be. His team uses will help you shift the way you think about events in your life