Chemotherapy Causes Cancer

Treatment-induced damage to the tumor microenvironment promotes prostate cancer therapy resistance through WNT16B

“A major impediment to more effective cancer treatment is the ability of tumors to acquire resistance to cytotoxic and cytostatic [chemotherapy] therapeutics, a development that contributes to treatment failures exceeding 90% [98%?] in patients with metastatic [stage 4] carcinomas.”

So what are they saying? They’re saying that if you take chemotherapy you have a better than 90% chance of failure if you have a stage 4 cancer. So to give chemotherapy to a stage 4 cancer patient can be likened to giving free tickets for a plane flight to Hawaii but there is a greater than 90% chance that the plane flight will not make it to Hawaii. It’s a free flight but a very poor chance of making it all the way.

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Acquired resistance to anticancer treatments is a substantial barrier to reducing the morbidity and mortality that is attributable to malignant tumors. Components of tissue microenvironments are recognized to profoundly influence cellular phenotypes, including susceptibilities to toxic insults…

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