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  • Mercury fillings (euphemistically silver fillings) outgas mercury and mercury is very damaging to the immune system
  • Root canals are a source of toxins. Root canal teeth are dead and sometimes the immune system does not have the ability to handle the stress of these toxins upon the immune system.
  • See Root Canal Cover-up by George Meinig DDS for a historical understanding of this problem and why it was not exposed.
  • For example teeth #’s 2-5; 12-15; 20,21; 28,29 are frequently involved in breast cancer
  • Cavitations – avascular necrosis which impact the meridians and produce waste products
  • Galvanic currents in the mouth. The human body runs on electrical input and dissimilar materials in the mouth with saliva will act as a battery
  • Size, location, and number of dental treatments is important
  • Electrodermal screening (EDS) is important to assess relevance
  • Biologic dentist most helpful

“I began treatments to remove my mercury fillings in 8/99 and was done by 12/99. My energy levels are much improved. My mental abilities are improved. I have more memory, clarity, and improved cognitive reasoning skills. In the past 13 months, I have been focusing on healing my body and spirit after my treatments from breast cancer.
If I were to tell “my story” to a group of cancer patients and offer a check list of essential steps to heal themselves, removing heavy metals (mercury) would be top on the list.”

From Accidental Cure by Simon Yu MD

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