Breast Cancer

Stage 3 Breast Cancer

June-July 2019

A 31-year-old female comes to Dayspring with stage 3 breast cancer and an unhealed breast biopsy wound.   Investigation shows a dental implant that is on the breast meridian and that implant is successfully removed by a dentist.  Many alternative therapies are used to try to heal the breast biopsy lesion without success.  It is determined that a surgical clip placed during biopsy is an “obstacle to cure” homeopathically speaking. She is thus encouraged to have the clip removed.  Again, there are obstacles to cure that must be addressed to give better results.  These obstacles are critical to overcome to have the best desirable outcome. This is explained in this link: First Fix the Leak

Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer

February 2018

Before the first therapy session, the patient was asked about her pain level on a one to ten scale, she reports that she was at a 14! She is obviously unbearably uncomfortable with constant groaning and fidgeting. Inflammatory breast cancer is mainly in her right breast and some in the left breast and also her spine.  She then has one therapy session.

Three weeks later, she returns for another therapy session.  When asked about her pain level, she says she “has no pain, just some discomfort in the tops of both breasts”. There is however, pain in her upper neck which may be from a pathological fracture.  There will be x-rays taken of her neck to diagnose what is happening.