Cervical Cancer

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Case Study March 4, 2021

Female, 59 years old, comes to us with a stage 4 Cervical cancer. Patient has ascites and needing paracentesis (fluid draining of abdomen) and also thoracentesis (fluid draining of chest). Weak but with tremendous family support she is willing to fight hard for herself.

She is treated at Dayspring with various therapies, pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, and IVs. One of her greatest needs is appropriate dental care which was performed here in Scottsdale. A local friend was actually so encouraged by the patient’s dental care that she herself goes to have her own dental needs addressed.  The patient had some local stays in the hospital to have the thoracentesis and paracentesis performed.  After leaving Dayspring and returning home we receive the following:

“I wanted to check in a couple things related to my mom:
She is improving! Eating vigorously and no more edema.
Also, no fluid on her stomach and lung anymore…!!!
Yes – were all pretty amazed…two weeks ago she was in a very different place.”

We are prayerfully thankful for her abrupt turn around and will continue to support her in the days ahead as she regains her health and strength.