Colon Cancer Case Study July 2020

A 44-year-old female with colon cancer and metastasis to the liver comes to Dayspring. She has had both surgery and chemotherapy and a failed clinical stay in Mexico. Her liver metastasis is large at 13 x 9 cm.

She was started on IV therapies such as 3-bromopyruvate and an oral program. Due to life experiences, it was determined that emotional clearing and the resolving of emotional issues would be paramount to her healing. This patient said that the two most dramatic therapies she has had at Dayspring were the BioField tuning and the Acuscope-Myopulse as she had such dramatic positive responses to both of these therapies.

She has decided to start the Neo7Logix peptide therapy as this is an extended therapy. This peptide therapy has 21 injections per cycle and then four cycles of these 21 injections for a total of 84 injections over approximately one year’s time. She understands that her own blood, urine and tumor sample are analyzed to give a personalized therapy that will be unique to her and her alone out of over 4 billion possibilities.


Colon Cancer Case Study December 2017/January 2018

A man with Stage IV colon cancer came to Dayspring and during the first week of treatment had a bowel blockage. He left to go back home and Dayspring counseled him on how to seek the best surgeon to have an ileostomy performed.

After surgery, he returned to Dayspring for a month of treatment with 3BP and other IV’s. He has been gaining weight and the anemia numbers are steadily improving. His surgeon has told him that with a clean PET, she will perform a reversal of the ileostomy.

Other therapies have been dental work with the removal of a tooth, scar therapy to open meridians, ultrasound treatment, immune boosting supplements, supplements to improve GI function, and both botanical and pharmaceutical products to control blood sugar.


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