Crohn’s Disease / Colitis

Case Study Crohn’s Disease / Colitis December 2020

A 24-year-old male comes to us with a 12-year diagnosis of Crohn’s / Colitis.  The symptoms have progressed to him having a colostomy installed and then a fistula (unnatural opening from the colon out through the abdominal skin) being formed.

His desire from research is to have the CellSonic procedure to be done to help heal the fistula primarily and then whatever else may be helped.  After the first CellSonic therapy he reports that the drainage from the fistula is noticeably decreased.

Our testing showed that there was a dental issue.  A BioTransducer was used to see if that would correct the dental problem but to no avail.  So, he was sent to a biologic dentist.  This dentist reports that there is no dental problem but the overriding cause to this young man’s problem is likely a vaccine injury.  We investigated this theory and made some therapeutic changes to account for this possibility.

We still see that there is a dental issue and the CellSonic was used externally on the mouth and the dental issue is now energetically corrected.  At this point, other areas that had not shown an energetic problem are now showing an energy deficit.  The CellSonic was used extensively to correct these areas.  The patient reports that overnight there is a noticeable change in the “gurgling and gas” in his abdomen which is exciting to him to see such a quick change.  He was told that healing takes time as opposed to merely covering up a symptom like taking an aspirin for a headache.


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