Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Case Study

June 2018 A 45-year-old man with a head and neck cancer came to Dayspring for 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) after receiving proton therapy in San Diego. The 3BP caused pain and inflammation upon administration. (Potentially as a tumor dies it will swell and the swelling can put pressure on a nerve, etc., thus causing pain.) The patient reported this to be the sign of 3BP having an outstanding effect.  Unfortunately, upon beginning to receive high dose vitamin C IVs, there is rapid increase in tumor growth as this patient is one of the few to have a bad response to Vit C as referenced by this 2012 study:  Mikirova N, Casciari J et al. Effect of high-dose intravenous vitamin C on inflammation in cancer patients. J Transl Med. 2012; 10: 189. Vitamin C IVs were stopped and other therapies were followed. This patient’s emotional therapy work was rated by him as being “Epic!” While not a typical word we hear used to describe therapy outcomes, his reaction shows how powerful and life changing the emotional work can be for someone. This points out the need to find and address the potential causes of the cancer – what I call “fixing the leak.” Some of the biggest “leaks” we have seen are improper dental work, heavy metals, scars, nutritional deficiencies, low thyroid not picked up by the usual conventional blood tests, and of course emotions from in utero and early childhood.

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