July 2019

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient dental image

A 33 year old female flies in to Dayspring from Ethiopia to have her Hodgkin’s lymphoma addressed. Five open lesions are needed to be addressed for cosmetic, quality of life and for the best outcome.  Blood values are in the critical range but are eventually brought up.  The numerous hard swellings are either reduced or are no longer appreciable on palpation.  The open lesions either are closed or are greatly reduced as the patient is given instructions on how to continue treatment at home. Visit the page for Wound Healing with Cellsonic.

Here is an update email from the Hodgkin’s lymphoma to state how she is doing since coming to Dayspring from Ethiopia.

“Here are the changes that I witnessed on my body since I started taking the [product]

  1.  Most of the lesions on my back and neck have significantly reduced
  2.  Most of the pains on my back and shoulders are gone
  3. The open lesions on my neck and armpit are on the verge of closing”

This is very exciting to hear from this young mother that she is progressing well.

See Wound Healing with Cellsonic.

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