January 2022 Lung Cancer Follow Up

A lung cancer patient finished up a month program at the Dayspring clinic in early May of 2021. Before that, he had been reasonably well until he went on Keytruda and developed 5 brain metastases and that brought him to Dayspring. After he finished the month program at Dayspring, he was started on a nebulization program to be done at home.

Then some 8 months later, he just had a chest CT done in January 2022.

The Radiology report reads:

  1. “As compared to the prior exam, significant decrease in size of spiculated masses in the left lung. Continued small left effusion.
  2. Right lung is clear. Previously identified nodules have resolved.”

Needless to say, when a Radiologist reports a “significant decrease”, that is very notable and impressive. Then there was also a clearing of nodules in the right lung.

It is worth noting that the MRI of the brain in August of 2021 found:


Compared to the prior contrast study dated February 26, 2021 there is been significant improvement of the intracranial metastases with majority of the lesions significantly decreasing in size by approximately 70-80 %. There is also been significant improvement in the surrounding vasogenic edema about these lesions.”

That is impressive to have a 70-80% decrease in the size of brain metastasis and also a decrease in the edema surrounding the metastasis.