Lymphoma Case Study July 2020

A 52-year-old female comes to Dayspring for help with her lymphoma cancer. She has had surgery but refused chemotherapy and radiation. She was treated at Dayspring with various IV therapies such as 3-bromopyruvate (3bp), curcumin, and Vit C, among others. Some oral supplementation both natural such as Scrofularia Intrinsic, Nei Xiao Luo Li Pain and also off label pharmaceuticals such as hydroxychloroquine were given.

Her abdominal scaring was addressed with a BioTransducer and essential oils because scars block acupuncture meridians causing blood stagnation and Qi deficiency.

She did therapies at Dayspring such as the Life Vessel, CellSonic, BioField tuning, colonics, and others.

Wanting to do the most for his wife, her husband asked to have the Neo7Logix peptides made for her. Blood and urine were collected for analysis and a surgical biopsy sample is in the works to finalize what is needed for her own personalized peptides to be made from the 4,151,347,200 choices available.