Dec 2018 to Jan 2019

This case of Ovarian Cancer is another prime example of the need to address the underlying cause of the cancer, what we call “Fix the Leak.”

A woman comes to clinic after several surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy (some under clinical trial), and she has had some dental work completed. Recently she has had five paracenteses (procedure to drain fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity). Severe dehydration was noted. She arrives quite weak with a low blood pressure and very labored walking; she quickly tires out after a few steps.

She was started on IVs including 3-bromopyruvate.  A sixth paracentesis was subsequently done and there was only a minimal amount of fluid to be removed  – we were making progress. A blood test of free T3 was only 0.9 where our goal is to see 3.0 and thus a prescription Sustained Release T3 was given with dosage to slowly increase.  Propranolol was added as a non-specific beta blocker. She was encouraged to have more dental work. Two zirconium crowns were removed as these presented as being energetically averse to her health.

Once the crowns were removed, she was vital enough to go on a four- to five-hour hike to see the local Frank Lloyd Wright building complex. This was an astounding change from only being able to walk a few short feet only several days earlier. What had dramatically changed her health was the dental procedure. Although another dentist had done some work, energetically there was more to be addressed. The acupuncture meridians run through the teeth. If there is a dental problem, then the corresponding acupuncture meridian and organ system is also affected. Think of trying to cross a lake in a rowboat. If the drain plug is not attached in the back of the boat, then one will always have to bail out the boat before you can travel much distance. So it was with her stay at Dayspring; once the crowns were removed, then more dramatic advances could be made with her cancer treatments.

She leaves Dayspring to go home with an oral program.  Now that the “leak in the boat” is fixed, simple and non-toxic therapies should continue to prevail in her ovarian cancer treatment program.

Ovarian Cancer Case Study

October 2018

A 69-year old woman arrived at the clinic with a 10-year history of breast cancer with lumpectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy.  Later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and treated with surgery and chemotherapy again.  Prior to coming to the clinic, she had undergone radiation treatment for the ovarian cancer.

At the clinic, she was evaluated as needing dental work and had a subsequent extraction.  A heavy metal challenge test showed both an acute and a chronic high lead.  As she was on well water the well water was tested with negative result for lead.  Her dinner plates however, was shown to be at 122,400 or 136,000 % above normal ( where normal is below 90).  The chronic lead test came in at 130 where below 2 is considered normal or 65 times over normal.  This was likened to the example that if a school speed limit is 10 mph, she was driving at 650 mph.

In homeopathy, there is the classic statement that: to effect health, remove obstacles to the cure.  At this point, the extremely high levels of lead needed to be reduced.  She left clinic after some IV chelation and instructions on how to do oral chelation.  Other oral modalities were given to support her until the lead levels can be reduced.


A caregiver reports on 1/3/19 that ” She is doing very well, reports feeling great even. “

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