Reports of therapies used at the Dayspring Cancer Clinic and the results.

Breast cancer patient comes in with scapula (shoulder blade) pain which is “Raging”, that she states would be 12/10 for most people. The pain is described as being “dislocated”. Her ...
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Male patient reports that his Heart Rate Variability (HRV) was in the teens where a normal range for a man his age is 35.  With meditation practices he was able ...
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Patient reports on her emotional BioField Tuning therapy as, “each session cumulatively got better”. She says that the 3rd session was “We hit it, we got it” and the root ...
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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Scottsdale Arizona

Our office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona but we treat patients from all over the world. We will work with you to arrange housing, meals, translators, special blood tests, and other needs you may have while you stay in the area.

  • 2401 N. Hayden Rd. Ste 114 Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday MST   Closed on Saturday and Sundays