Prostate Cancer Case Study September 2020

A prostate cancer patient comes to us in September of 2020.  In looking for the “Leak in the Boat” that allowed the condition to occur, we found that there had been a bilateral knee replacement.  This surgery had scars which impacted the spleen / pancreas meridian. This meridian system is what impacts the prostate (also other reproductive genitalia, then moves upward to the pancreas and adrenals, then thyroid, and finally up to the frontal lobes of the brain). In testing the spleen / pancreas meridian before and after therapy addressing the scar, there a noticeable change energetically for the better of the meridian. 

Like peeling an onion, with time this meridian began to show a weakness and reverted to the same energetic status as when he came into the clinic.  Upon further testing, his teeth showed as a problem and he was referred for a panoramic film and dental examination.  The exam showed that there were significant problems to be addressed.  We believe that the dental work will need to be corrected for continued healing and wholeness to occur.

See First – Fix the Leak

Case Study Prostate Cancer with Prostatectomy Failure

A prostate cancer patient had a prostatectomy (the complete removal of the prostate) and then his prostate PSA started climbing up to 3.4.  Not having a prostate, this was alarming as it shows the prostate cancer had escaped the surgical removal procedure.

He was worried and came to Dayspring for help.  His work did not allow for much time off for therapy.  So, he was instructed in the benefit and use of Mistletoe and decided to start with this therapy.

His PSA dropped by half and after he saw the surgeon, he chuckled and said the surgeon could only shake his head and say, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”. Even better, his PSA has since dropped to being unreadable.

This leads into another prostate cancer and prostatectomy case.  This man’s PSA had climbed to 1.2 after a prostatectomy and was worried. He had been seeing another doctor for IV’s and yet the PSA had continued to climb.  This man also decided to start the Mistletoe therapy knowing that other men besides the one above have had great results. We are confident that he too will have great results.

Modality: Mistletoe Therapy

Prostate Cancer Case Study January 2018

A 66-year-old man came to Dayspring after a prostatectomy for help with an increasing PSA. With the removal of his prostate, he should have a zero PSA marker value because the prostate is gone. Unfortunately, his PSA is now at a 7.0 (less than 4.0 is considered normal having an intact prostate so a 7.0 without a prostate is alarming).

Patient followed an at-home treatment plan as he is working as a long-distance truck driver without time for in-clinic treatment. In three months of treatment, a follow-up PSA blood test now showed his PSA at less than 0.1, meaning that there is no measurable amount. Patient reports that his surgeon during a consultation shook his head and said, “I don’t know what you are doing and can’t explain it but it worked.” Patient is very pleased how his Dayspring treatment plan has worked for him.

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