Relieved from Fluid Accumulations

Patient who was in clinic and at one point spent a week in the hospital for paracentesis (getting abdominal fluid removed) and for thoracentesis (getting fluid from chest removed) just called.

She says she is now “doing really well” and “feels really wonderful” while she continues to do her program at home.  In three weeks, she says she has no more edema in her legs, no fluid in the chest, and no fluid in the abdomen so the drain in the abdomen was pulled. Also, she has no nausea (which is huge for her) and that her appetite is back.

She said she has been trying to get in to see or talk to the Oncologist but has not been able to get a response.  However, the Naturopath she was seeing is extremely excited about the change and wants to contact Dayspring to see what we did for her.

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