Bimini Hydrotherapy at Dayspring Cancer Clinic

Two current cancer patients have gone to Hungary to do the Kaqun hydrotherapy baths prior to coming to Dayspring. Here are their testimonies, along with others from patients who have used the Bimini:

Patient #1 (cancer patient):

The effects of the Bimini were stronger than those of the Kaqun.

Oxygenation is greater.

She noticed feeling “a deeper cleanse.”

Stated the effects of oxygenation were more accelerated than noted with the Kaqun.

Patient #2 (cancer patient):

She felt “more charged and alert” following the Bimini, than she did after the Kaqun.

The Bimini was both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Patient #3 (not a cancer patient):

The Bimini was relaxing.
Experienced pain relief, both in muscles and organs.

Energy levels increased and lasted for several days.

She reported her skin became softer and smoother.