Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

March 4, 2021

Female, 59 years old, comes to us with a stage 4 Cervical cancer. Patient has ascites and needing paracentesis (fluid draining of abdomen) and also thoracentesis (fluid draining of chest). Weak but with tremendous family support she is willing to fight hard for herself. 

She is treated at Dayspring with various therapies, pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, and IVs. One of her greatest needs is appropriate dental care which was performed here in Scottsdale. A local friend was actually so encouraged by the patient’s dental care that she herself goes to have her own dental needs addressed.  The patient had some local stays in the hospital to have the thoracentesis and paracentesis performed.  After leaving Dayspring and returning home we receive the following:

“I wanted to check in a couple things related to my mom:
She is improving! Eating vigorously and no more edema.
Also, no fluid on her stomach and lung anymore…!!!
Yes – were all pretty amazed…two weeks ago she was in a very different place.”

We are prayerfully thankful for her abrupt turn around and will continue to support her in the days ahead as she regains her health and strength.

Crohn’s / Colitis

December 2020

A 24-year-old male comes to us with a 12-year diagnosis of Crohn’s / Colitis.  The symptoms have progressed to him having a colostomy installed and then a fistula (unnatural opening from the colon out through the abdominal skin) being formed.

His desire from research is to have the CellSonic procedure to be done to help heal the fistula primarily and then whatever else may be helped.  After the first CellSonic therapy he reports that the drainage from the fistula is noticeably decreased.

Our testing showed that there was a dental issue.  A BioTransducer was used to see if that would correct the dental problem but to no avail.  So, he was sent to a biologic dentist.  This dentist reports that there is no dental problem but the overriding cause to this young man’s problem is likely a vaccine injury.  We investigated this theory and made some therapeutic changes to account for this possibility.

We still see that there is a dental issue and the CellSonic was used externally on the mouth and the dental issue is now energetically corrected.  At this point, other areas that had not shown an energetic problem are now showing an energy deficit.  The CellSonic was used extensively to correct these areas.  The patient reports that overnight there is a noticeable change in the “gurgling and gas” in his abdomen which is exciting to him to see such a quick change.  He was told that healing takes time as opposed to merely covering up a symptom like taking an aspirin for a headache.

DIPG (Brain Tumor)

December 2020

A 29-year-old male comes to Dayspring with a DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). His weight has dramatically decreased by 75 pounds.  Walking, talking, eyesight and other physical activities are severely limited by the tumor impact upon the physical processes.

A PICC line was placed and an intravenous protocol was started using such products as Vit C, curcumin, ozonated blood with Ultraviolet radiation to list just a few.  Oral products that were indicated for his condition such as Boswellia (Frankincense) for the inflammation and proteolytic enzymes to reduce the tumor mass, among others, were supplied.

A major turning point was a dental extraction of a tooth along with an implant.  Before this extraction, it was reported by the BioField Tuning work practitioner that she could only access Chakra #1 and beyond that it was “hitting a brick wall”.  After the extraction, it was reported that the tuning forks could be used with the chakra’s opening up.  The third visit report was that the patient was “doing great” and that his energy was flowing better.

The dentist later reported that before the extraction there was “nothing flowing past the mouth” but in rechecking him after the extraction everything was “flowing and the meridians are opened up”.

The EVOX practitioner reports that “I don’t know what you did, but the tumor isn’t active”.  Whether or not this is an accurate assessment remains to be seen in the coming months.  The patient is kept on high dose of proteolytic enzymes to help clear any debris and our goal is to see a restoration of physical functioning.

Prostate Cancer

September 2020

A prostate cancer patient comes to us in September of 2020.  In looking for the “Leak in the Boat” that allowed the condition to occur, we found that there had been a bilateral knee replacement.  This surgery had scars which impacted the spleen / pancreas meridian. This meridian system is what impacts the prostate (also other reproductive genitalia, then moves upward to the pancreas and adrenals, then thyroid, and finally up to the frontal lobes of the brain). In testing the spleen / pancreas meridian before and after therapy addressing the scar, there a noticeable change energetically for the better of the meridian. 

Like peeling an onion, with time this meridian began to show a weakness and reverted to the same energetic status as when he came into the clinic.  Upon further testing, his teeth showed as a problem and he was referred for a panoramic film and dental examination.  The exam showed that there were significant problems to be addressed.  We believe that the dental work will need to be corrected for continued healing and wholeness to occur.

Colon Cancer

July 2020

A 44-year-old female with colon cancer and metastasis to the liver comes to Dayspring. She has had both surgery and chemotherapy and a failed clinical stay in Mexico. Her liver metastasis is large at 13 x 9 cm.

She was started on IV therapies such as 3-bromopyruvate and an oral program. Due to life experiences, it was determined that emotional clearing and the resolving of emotional issues would be paramount to her healing. This patient said that the two most dramatic therapies she has had at Dayspring were the BioField tuning and the Acuscope-Myopulse as she had such dramatic positive responses to both of these therapies.

She has decided to start the Neo7Logix peptide therapy as this is an extended therapy. This peptide therapy has 21 injections per cycle and then four cycles of these 21 injections for a total of 84 injections over approximately one year’s time. She understands that her own blood, urine and tumor sample are analyzed to give a personalized therapy that will be unique to her and her alone out of over 4 billion possibilities.


July 2020

A 52-year-old female comes to Dayspring for help with her lymphoma cancer. She has had surgery but refused chemotherapy and radiation. She was treated at Dayspring with various IV therapies such as 3-bromopyruvate (3bp), curcumin, and Vit C, among others. Some oral supplementation both natural such as Scrofularia Intrinsic, Nei Xiao Luo Li Pain and also off label pharmaceuticals such as hydroxychloroquine were given.

Her abdominal scaring was addressed with a BioTransducer and essential oils because scars block acupuncture meridians causing blood stagnation and Qi deficiency.

She did therapies at Dayspring such as the Life Vessel, CellSonic, BioField tuning, colonics, and others.

Wanting to do the most for his wife, her husband asked to have the Neo7Logix peptides made for her. Blood and urine were collected for analysis and a surgical biopsy sample is in the works to finalize what is needed for her own personalized peptides to be made from the 4,151,347,200 choices available.

Rectal Carcinoid

June 2020

A 47-year-old female having a rectal carcinoid with metastasis to the liver comes to Dayspring. This is after trying two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation without success.

She was started on several different IV’s such as 3-bromopyruvate among others and a select number of oral medications. She had great success with the BioField tuning technique to clear emotional blockages correlating to the disease.

The decision was made that she would do the peptide therapy and she has started on providing her blood, urine, and tumor samples for analysis. She is aware that it will take 10-12 weeks before her personalized peptides are made according to her immunological needs. Until then she will follow Dayspring’s protocol for helping her body’s needs until the peptides are available.


May 2020

A five-year-old girl from Texas comes to Dayspring for her rhabdomyosarcoma with metastasis to the lungs. Her conventional medical doctors allow her to come to Arizona for alternative therapies as she has Li-Fraumeni syndrome (lack of a p53 gene). The Li-Fraumeni is not conclusively handled from a conventional standpoint and so other options were allowed to be investigated.

She was at Dayspring for a month to have IV therapies like 3-bromopyruvate and others. Also, the CellSonic therapy worked very well in conjunction with other modalities to control the rhabdomyosarcoma. She was put onto the Neo7Logix peptide protocol and the analysis is under way so that the peptides themselves can be manufactured. This all takes time as the peptides are made strictly for the one individual. This is the height of individualization as these are specifically made for each individual out of over 4 billion possible combinations.

Dental Problems – to Fix or not to Fix

February 2020

We had a colon cancer patient come in who previously had a colostomy and then a take-down (reversal) of the colostomy before coming to clinic.  It was while in clinic during an assessment that significant dental problems were found. The patient went to the dentist but declined to have the dental work completed, stating he would attend to it later.  He left the clinic on a Friday to soon go to Colorado for elk hunting. A very vital man!

The following Monday a woman came to start her colon cancer care therapy.  These were back to back colon cancer patients.  This woman currently had two ostomies, a colostomy and an ileostomy.  Plus, her midline surgical incision had broken open.  She was extremely depleted and desired to only lay down for her IV therapies.  She also had significant dental problems and subsequently had many teeth extracted by the dentist. She then eventually finished up at clinic and went home.

Jump forward 5 or 6 months and the wife of the man who went elk hunting called up the clinic one day with some questions.  During the discussion it was relayed that he was not doing well and was in hospice.  Elk hunting earlier!  Well the following week the husband of the woman with double ostomies called up and we found out that she was fine, some problems with the broken open surgical wound but nothing too extreme.

What a dramatic difference!  A very vital man does not get his dental work done and gets into trouble.  A very exhausted woman gets her dental work done and she does well even though she is depleted.  Therefore it is difficult to do statistics in a small clinic like Dayspring as the changes are so great from something as innocuous as getting dental work done or not.

So how important is it to get dental work done?  In these two cases, it appears that it was very significant. A matter of life or death.

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Prostate Cancer with Prostatectomy Failure

A prostate cancer patient had a prostatectomy (the complete removal of the prostate) and then his prostate PSA started climbing up to 3.4.  Not having a prostate, this was alarming as it shows the prostate cancer had escaped the surgical removal procedure.

He was worried and came to Dayspring for help.  His work did not allow for much time off for therapy.  So, he was instructed in the benefit and use of Mistletoe and decided to start with this therapy.

His PSA dropped by half and after he saw the surgeon, he chuckled and said the surgeon could only shake his head and say, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”. Even better, his PSA has since dropped to being unreadable.

This leads into another prostate cancer and prostatectomy case.  This man’s PSA had climbed to 1.2 after a prostatectomy and was worried. He had been seeing another doctor for IV’s and yet the PSA had continued to climb.  This man also decided to start the Mistletoe therapy knowing that other men besides the one above have had great results. We are confident that he too will have great results.


October 8, 2019

We had an interesting case in the clinic on 10/8/19, a woman with Raynaud’s syndrome. Raynaud’s is an autoimmune condition where the fingers especially will have the blood flow cut off spontaneously for rather benign stressors such as cold or emotional stress.  This woman had Raynaud’s to the degree that the end joint of a little finger was completely black and necrotic.

During the exam, she was asked about her dental condition and she revealed she had a root canal done on tooth #18 (a bottom left molar).  When did the root canal happen? 3 or 4 years ago.  When did the Raynaud’s appear?  3 or 4 years ago.  The significance is that tooth #18 affects the arteries.

A significant clinical question is to find what is the cause is as opposed to just treating symptoms.  At this point this woman should have #18 extracted.  It is a dead tooth.  See “Root Canal Coverup” by George Meinig DDS for more information.  An overriding principle is “Remove the obstacle to cure”. View First Fix the Leak.

Breast Cancer

June-July 2019

A 31-year-old female comes to Dayspring with stage 3 breast cancer and an unhealed breast biopsy wound.   Investigation shows a dental implant that is on the breast meridian and that implant is successfully removed by a dentist.  Many alternative therapies are used to try to heal the breast biopsy lesion without success.  It is determined that a surgical clip placed during biopsy is an “obstacle to cure” homeopathically speaking. She is thus encouraged to have the clip removed.  Again, there are obstacles to cure that must be addressed to give better results.  These obstacles are critical to overcome to have the best desirable outcome. This is explained in this link: First Fix the Leak

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

July 2019

A 33 year old female flies in to Dayspring from Ethiopia to have her Hodgkin’s lymphoma addressed. Five open lesions are needed to be addressed for cosmetic, quality of life and for the best outcome.  Blood values are in the critical range but are eventually brought up.  The numerous hard swellings are either reduced or are no longer appreciable on palpation.  The open lesions either are closed or are greatly reduced as the patient is given instructions on how to continue treatment at home. Visit the page for Wound Healing with Cellsonic.

Here is an update email from the Hodgkin’s lymphoma to state how she is doing since coming to Dayspring from Ethiopia.

“Here are the changes that I witnessed on my body since I started taking the [product]

  1.  Most of the lesions on my back and neck have significantly reduced
  2.  Most of the pains on my back and shoulders are gone
  3. The open lesions on my neck and armpit are on the verge of closing”

This is very exciting to hear from this young mother that she is progressing well.

Rhabdomyosarcoma of Sphenoid Bone in Head

A 13-year-old male comes to the clinic.  He had Burkitt’s lymphoma at 6 years old and then at 13 years old he became blind from a rhabdomyosarcoma growth on the sphenoid bone shutting off the optical nerve.

He had emergent radiation to the whole head and then given a 13% chance of survival after a year of chemotherapy and six more weeks of radiation.  The hospital sent him out on hospice care and since he was on hospice care, it became legally available to bring him to Dayspring.  This young man has a loving family, a tender and caring aunt and an incredible amount of prayer support with preachers from places as far as Seattle and Texas flying in to pray for him. A successful business man from Atlanta stopped in to prophesy over him.  Then there has been a steady stream of local believers coming in to visit and pray with him.  All in all, there has been a vast amount of prayer support for this young man.

Initial blood work shows an LDH (lactate dehydrogenase – indicating active cancer glucose metabolism also called the Warburg effect) of 1,374 where 244 is high normal. One week later the LDH is at 520, which is a 62% decrease in active cancer glucose metabolism.  Dayspring is certainly thankful for all of the prayer support from literally around the world for this young man as he goes forward in his therapies.

Stage 4 Non-small cell lung cancer

Female 72 years old diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer.  Has done low dose chemotherapy.  Referred  to Dayspring by an MD for shockwave therapy.

Returns in March for her third monthly treatment.  States she has “come a long way from when she was first treated” by Dayspring.  She adds that “the threshold pain is decreasing” and where there was a “terrible burning, screaming type of pain” that this pain is no longer present. Significantly, a lung metastasis that was 4 x 5.8 cm is now 3.4 x 3 cm.  Is continuing with a biweekly Vitamin C IV and a strong oral program.

Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer

February 2018

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Before the first therapy session, the patient was asked about her pain level on a one to ten scale, she reports that she was at a 14! She is obviously unbearably uncomfortable with constant groaning and fidgeting. Inflammatory breast cancer is mainly in her right breast and some in the left breast and also her spine.  She then has one therapy session.

Three weeks later, she returns for another therapy session.  When asked about her pain level, she says she “has no pain, just some discomfort in the tops of both breasts”. There is however, pain in her upper neck which may be from a pathological fracture.  There will be x-rays taken of her neck to diagnose what is happening.

Ovarian Stage IV

Dec 2018 to Jan 2019

This case is another prime example of the need to address the underlying cause of the cancer, what we call “Fix the Leak.”

A woman comes to clinic after several surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy (some under clinical trial), and she has had some dental work completed. Recently she has had five paracenteses (procedure to drain fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity). Severe dehydration was noted. She arrives quite weak with a low blood pressure and very labored walking; she quickly tires out after a few steps.

She was started on IVs including 3-bromopyruvate.  A sixth paracentesis was subsequently done and there was only a minimal amount of fluid to be removed  – we were making progress. A blood test of free T3 was only 0.9 where our goal is to see 3.0 and thus a prescription Sustained Release T3 was given with dosage to slowly increase.  Propranolol was added as a non-specific beta blocker. She was encouraged to have more dental work. Two zirconium crowns were removed as these presented as being energetically averse to her health.

Once the crowns were removed, she was vital enough to go on a four- to five-hour hike to see the local Frank Lloyd Wright building complex. This was an astounding change from only being able to walk a few short feet only several days earlier. What had dramatically changed her health was the dental procedure. Although another dentist had done some work, energetically there was more to be addressed. The acupuncture meridians run through the teeth. If there is a dental problem, then the corresponding acupuncture meridian and organ system is also affected. Think of trying to cross a lake in a rowboat. If the drain plug is not attached in the back of the boat, then one will always have to bail out the boat before you can travel much distance. So it was with her stay at Dayspring; once the crowns were removed, then more dramatic advances could be made with her cancer treatments.

She leaves Dayspring to go home with an oral program.  Now that the “leak in the boat” is fixed, simple and non-toxic therapies should continue to prevail in her cancer program.

Pancreatic with Smoldering Myeloma

November 2018

A 59-year-old female came to Dayspring with a history of MGUS which was eventually diagnosed as a myeloma. Then a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for which she had a distal pancreatectomy, splenectomy, and 6 months of chemotherapy. Last year she showed a progression and another 6 months of chemotherapy with resultant blood levels “trashed”.  A transfusion was needed which caused TRALI (transfusion related acute lung injury) and subsequent cough.

She was started on 3-bromopyruvate (3bp) IV protocol with other IVs and an oral blue scorpion venom protocol. A dramatically low platelet level was also addressed with an oral product and she showed an excellent response with her platelets actually coming into normal range for the first time in recent history.

A heavy metal challenge test showed high lead and that is currently being addressed as lead is stored in the bones.  With the smoldering myeloma, a bone condition, the lead is a concern going forward for obtaining remission.

She departed the clinic after a month of 3bp and other IVs to continue to do her blue scorpion venom and other oral products.  The pancreatic markers had gone up during the month but the last blood work shows a slight decrease which hopefully indicates getting ahead of the disease process.  We trust the numbers will continue to decrease over the next few months with the blue scorpion venom and other products.

Ovarian Cancer

October 2018

A 69-year old woman arrived at the clinic with a 10-year history of breast cancer with lumpectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy.  Later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and treated with surgery and chemotherapy again.  Prior to coming to the clinic, she had undergone radiation treatment for the ovarian cancer.

At the clinic, she was evaluated as needing dental work and had a subsequent extraction.  A heavy metal challenge test showed both an acute and a chronic high lead.  As she was on well water the well water was tested with negative result for lead.  Her dinner plates however, was shown to be at 122,400 or 136,000 % above normal ( where normal is below 90).  The chronic lead test came in at 130 where below 2 is considered normal or 65 times over normal.  This was likened to the example that if a school speed limit is 10 mph, she was driving at 650 mph.

In homeopathy, there is the classic statement that: to effect health, remove obstacles to the cure.  At this point, the extremely high levels of lead needed to be reduced.  She left clinic after some IV chelation and instructions on how to do oral chelation.  Other oral modalities were given to support her until the lead levels can be reduced.


A caregiver reports on 1/3/19 that ” She is doing very well, reports feeling great even. “

Head and Neck Cancer

June 2018

A 45-year-old man with a head and neck cancer came to Dayspring for 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) after receiving proton therapy in San Diego. The 3BP caused pain and inflammation upon administration. (Potentially as a tumor dies it will swell and the swelling can put pressure on a nerve, etc., thus causing pain.) The patient reported this to be the sign of 3BP having an outstanding effect.  Unfortunately, upon beginning to receive high dose vitamin C IVs, there is rapid increase in tumor growth as this patient is one of the few to have a bad response to Vit C as referenced by this 2012 study:  Mikirova N, Casciari J et al. Effect of high-dose intravenous vitamin C on inflammation in cancer patients. J Transl Med. 2012; 10: 189.

Vitamin C IVs were stopped and other therapies were followed. This patient’s emotional therapy work was rated by him as being “Epic!” While not a typical word we hear used to describe therapy outcomes, his reaction shows how powerful and life changing the emotional work can be for someone. This points out the need to find and address the potential causes of the cancer – what I call “fixing the leak.” Some of the biggest “leaks” we have seen are improper dental work, heavy metals, scars, nutritional deficiencies, low thyroid not picked up by the usual conventional blood tests, and of course emotions from in utero and early childhood.

Prostate Cancer

January 2018

A 66-year-old man came to Dayspring after a prostatectomy for help with an increasing PSA. With the removal of his prostate, he should have a zero PSA marker value because the prostate is gone. Unfortunately, his PSA is now at a 7.0 (less than 4.0 is considered normal having an intact prostate so a 7.0 without a prostate is alarming).

Patient followed an at-home treatment plan as he is working as a long-distance truck driver without time for in-clinic treatment. In three months of treatment, a follow-up PSA blood test now showed his PSA at less than 0.1, meaning that there is no measurable amount. Patient reports that his surgeon during a consultation shook his head and said, “I don’t know what you are doing and can’t explain it but it worked.” Patient is very pleased how his Dayspring treatment plan has worked for him.

Colon Cancer, Stage IV

December 2017/January 2018

A man with Stage IV colon cancer came to Dayspring and during the first week of treatment had a bowel blockage. He left to go back home and Dayspring counseled him on how to seek the best surgeon to have an ileostomy performed.

After surgery, he returned to Dayspring for a month of treatment with 3BP and other IV’s. He has been gaining weight and the anemia numbers are steadily improving. His surgeon has told him that with a clean PET, she will perform a reversal of the ileostomy.

Other therapies have been dental work with the removal of a tooth, scar therapy to open meridians, ultrasound treatment, immune boosting supplements, supplements to improve GI function, and both botanical and pharmaceutical products to control blood sugar.

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