Lung Cancer with Metastasis to the Brain

Patient Testimonial 8-19-21

Lung cancer with metastasis to the brain May 2021

Lung cancer patient with five metastases to the brain comes to Dayspring in April 2021 after failing Keytruda. He is treated at Dayspring with IV’s, supplements and some pharmaceutical drugs. After leaving clinic, he is put on a nebulization protocol. He now lets us know that the February 26, 2021 imaging is compared to the May 11, 2021 imaging.

The Radiologist reports: “Compared to the prior contrast study dated February 26, 2021 there is been significant improvement of the intracranial metastases with majority of the lesions significantly decreasing in size by approximately 70-80%.”

We are all excited to hear that the brain lesions have seen “significant improvement” with the metastasis “significant decreasing”. This is a tremendous report for the patient to have using a simple nebulization protocol after leaving clinic.

Follow Up:

Lung to Brain Update 12-13-2021

There is a new MR report on the lung to brain metastasis patient. This report states that there is “Progressive improvement in the patients known intracranial metastasis with no new metastatic lesion identified.” The patient is very thankful, excited and wanting to continue with his individualized therapy delivered by a nebulizer.