Rectal Cancer Patient

December 2021

Patient went to Mexico for two months before they knew that the same natural therapies could be had in one place in the USA.

They found the biggest difference was in the testing of products and supplements that is done by Dayspring to see what will work as opposed to Mexico just giving products on a theoretical basis hoping it will work. They stated that wasting a month of time is a catastrophe considering the aggressiveness of the cancer. They appreciate the differences (individualization) of therapies as opposed to just doing the same thing over and over in Mexico without accounting for the individual needs of the patient.

Patient is experiencing both physical and mental relief by being at Dayspring. The pain relief is a “bringer of hope” that stopped the depression and being miserable.

Patient  also states that the improvement of just “walking better” is a “really big deal”. “I’ve got so much energy that I tried dancing to burn off some energy”. The mental clarity and the ability to work is so much better. The Quality of Life (QOL) is “absolutely much better”.

They thought that the cost was reasonable as the typical cost in Mexico was 30k for three weeks as compared to Dayspring’s 30k for four weeks.