She Knows Her Neo7Bioscience PES Peptides are Working

A current patient states that she knows her Neo7Bioscience PES peptides are working because:

1. Where there had been an infected PICC line site, it became so sore that she could not raise her arm but then resolved.

2. She had a MRSA site on her right hand that once again started to show a pseudo MRSA site  before returning to normal.

3. Her mouth had a bone graft and the site became painful and with time she states that “it is healing”.

4. Her old surgery sites were “achy and weird” feeling but then normalized.

5. The Lupus inflammation in her right leg came back but resolved.

6. A rash on her head came back but then healed.

7. She said she had 10/10 pain yesterday and was not able to urinate. This morning she had a  “Flood”. This was the third time in a row that there was significant inflammation after the PES  peptides with yesterday being the worst. The effects of the PES are “a little crazy” and  unexpected”. Old injuries, such as very old foot injury, are responding to the the PES  peptides.

She states that this has to be the action of her PES injections as there is no other explanation.