Source of the Problem: Not Actually the Heart but the SI Meridian

 November 24, 2022  

A patient in distress had a pulse oximeter on a finger to measure her blood oxygenation levels. While her husband, a MD, and I watched we saw her pulse rate vacillate between 44 and 104 beats a minute and a SpO2 (oxygenation level) bouncing from 89 to 93% (normal is 98% and up) while breathing 10 liters per minute of straight oxygen. Needless to say, this was quite concerning to us both.

Upon checking her, I found that her Small Intestine (SI) meridian was dysfunctional and not the Heart meridian. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the SI and Heart meridians are paired. This indicated that the source of her problem was not actually the heart but the SI meridian. The patient was given the Activa product “Well Being Detox” which is indicated to cleanse the small intestine.  A BioTransducer, which produces a scalar wave, coupled with a BioModulator was aimed her abdomen to re-energize her body. Then 20 minutes later, the pulse oximeter was put on her finger and her SpO2 was at 99% with a stable pulse rate of 103. Needless to say, her MD husband and myself were quite relieved at how quickly and simply she was stabilized.

As a side note, we have the wife of another MD currently in the clinic also. It seems the word is getting out that conventional medicine is limited.