Stage 4 Colon Cancer

A 64 year old male comes to Dayspring with a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. Before coming he was told that as any tumor dies, it will swell and that can cause problems. This becomes significantly important.

He arrives at Dayspring for a month’s therapies and during the first week of therapy, he has extreme constipation and discomfort. Typically, we see at Dayspring that patients have the first week of treatment to be the hardest one but this is extreme. He goes to the hospital and there a stent put into the colon which alleviates many of the current problems. The second week is also a hard week for him but after that, he reports that his energy and well-being are greatly increased to being much better than he has felt in quite a while and he is pleased with his response to therapy.

He finishes up at Dayspring and returns home on an oral program that takes into account his thinking about his personal needs. This individualization of therapy to each specific individual and not to a class of patients, such as to all colon cancers, is something that Dayspring implements for all Dayspring patients.