Patient having no BM, Incontinent and not Speaking

March 27, 2020

Jimmy started to speak differently, first unfinished thoughts, jumbled words, and then gibberish. He was frustrated that we couldn’t understand. This started midafternoon and by evening he was barely responding at all. Dayspring loaned us the BioTransducer/BioModulator to take home and set it up on his left parietal lobe for the evening. Then overnight, we set it up about 2 ft away from the top of his head while he slept.

The next morning, he was still unable to move at all and in the wheelchair 100% of the time. His body function still seemed out of his control although when making eye contact, he seemed to hear and understand. When arriving at the clinic on Friday, we immediately set up the BioTransducer on him again. He was nonverbal all morning.

In the early afternoon, he was struggling to use his hands much. Still nonverbal and mostly immobile, I asked if he’d like to draw a picture for our daughter. He’s an amazing artist…and he barely could do a few scribbles.

We again took the BioTransducer and BioModulator home for the weekend, did the same thing as night before, propped up towards his head the whole night.

On Saturday, he seemed more aware. Still not speaking but gained mobility somewhat and seemed alert. Throughout the day, he was speaking more, engaging and able to focus on different things while outside. He started to say some brief phrases.

Overnight, we left the light on him again. On Sunday morning, he woke up speaking clearly, confused about the day, using his hands again, weak but moving on his own. By afternoon, he had his sense of humor back and was walking with help. He ate an actual small meal on his own. We had the light on him whenever he was still throughout the day.

By Monday morning, he seemed to have full recovery! Woke up bright eyed! He was interactive immediately; he was using his own strength to move. He was using the restroom when needed, eating and drinking and walking with just his hand held! AMEN!


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