Rhabdomyosarcoma Treatments Results


May 2020

A five-year-old girl from Texas comes to Dayspring for her rhabdomyosarcoma with metastasis to the lungs. Her conventional medical doctors allow her to come to Arizona for alternative therapies as she has Li-Fraumeni syndrome (lack of a p53 gene). The Li-Fraumeni is not conclusively handled from a conventional standpoint and so other options were allowed to be investigated.

She was at Dayspring for a month to have IV therapies like 3-bromopyruvate and others. Also, the CellSonic therapy worked very well in conjunction with other modalities to control the rhabdomyosarcoma. She was put onto the Neo7Logix peptide protocol and the analysis is under way so that the peptides themselves can be manufactured. This all takes time as the peptides are made strictly for the one individual. This is the height of individualization as these are specifically made for each individual out of over 4 billion possible combinations.

Rhabdomyosarcoma of Sphenoid Bone in Head and Prayer

A 13-year-old male comes to the clinic. He had Burkitt’s lymphoma at 6 years old and then at 13 years old he became blind from a rhabdomyosarcoma growth on the sphenoid bone shutting off the optical nerve.

He had emergent radiation to the whole head and then given a 13% chance of survival after a year of chemotherapy and six more weeks of radiation. The hospital sent him out on hospice care and since he was on hospice care, it became legally available to bring him to Dayspring. This young man has a loving family, a tender and caring aunt and an incredible amount of prayer support with preachers from places as far as Seattle and Texas flying in to pray for him. A successful business man from Atlanta stopped in to prophesy over him. Then there has been a steady stream of local believers coming in to visit and pray with him. All in all, there has been a vast amount of prayer support for this young man.

Initial blood work shows an LDH (lactate dehydrogenase – indicating active cancer glucose metabolism also called the Warburg effect) of 1,374 where 244 is high normal. One week later the LDH is at 520, which is a 62% decrease in active cancer glucose metabolism. Dayspring is certainly thankful for all of the prayer support from literally around the world for this young man as he goes forward in his therapies.

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